Why Use A Bail Bonds Agent?

No one enjoys the prospect of being behind bars, however, at some point in your life, you may find yourself in jail, accused of criminal conduct. This is often the first stage in the process of getting a trial date and eventually coming before a judge and jury.

This can be both a stressful and confusing time – and to add to that stress you will have to come up with bail before you are released to await trial. For many people, this can present an almost insurmountable challenge. Where does one come up with the money? This is especially true if it is late at night and you do not have the funds readily available.

These are among the reasons that many people who have been placed behind bars will seek out the services of bail bonds agent. A bail bondsman will be able to arrange for the bail amount and get you released as quickly as possible.

Time is Valuable

A bail bonds agent will enable the accused to get released as quickly as possible. This is especially useful for those who have never been arrested before. The process of getting bail can be a complex and confusing one, especially for those who are new to the experience. Stress will play its part in making the process even more intimidating.

A bail bondsman is deeply familiar with the paperwork involved and can get the application for bail processed quickly and efficiently. This will allow the accused to return to their family – and begin the process of preparing their defense. In this instance, time is extremely valuable.

Less Complexity

The bail bonds agent is familiar with all the paperwork and processes, but they also take the stress out of having to raise the cash should the accused not have the sort of money that is required. They also ensure that the accused does not waste time trying to raise money from sources such as friends and family. Not only can this be time-consuming – but involves inconveniencing those people – not to mention the embarrassment of having to admit to having been arrested.

Saving Money

Those who are going to pay the bail themselves will usually have to come up with 10% of the total bail amount, and that is non-refundable. using a bail bondsman the typical amount that needs to be raised in order to ensure that the bail bonds agent handles the remainder is 2% of the total bail. This is a clear saving for those who will need cash in order to fund their defense – and take care of their obligations while the sometimes disruptive judicial process is underway.

Using a bail bonds agent is simply common sense. They will ensure that bail is handled in the correct legal manner and they will ensure that their client is released from jail as soon as possible. Each and every court case relies on sound preparation in order for a ‘not guilty’ verdict to be returned. Don’t waste time – seek the services of a bail bondsman.