The Advantages of Using a Bail Bondsman

Waiting in jail is no fun. It’s possible to miss out on work or other activities that are thought of as necessary to keep life going. No one’s going to compensate the defendant for the time missed while awaiting trial. There’s no guarantee the defendant will go to jail or prison after trial so it’s important to stay as free as possible. While there are many ways to get in jail, there are only a couple ways to get out. It’s either having the case dropped, serving a jail sentence, or contacting a bail bondsman. When it’s the latter, it’s important to think of all the many advantages that come along with forfeiting the money to get bailed out.

It’s 10% of the Money Needed

Bail may be set at $10,000. With a bail bondsman, the defendant only needs 10% of that to get out of jail. This means there will be a bill that’s only around $1,000 at the end. The defendant’s loved one simply has to do some paperwork and forfeit 1/10th of the money needed if they were to pay the whole bail.

All the Defendant Has to Do Is Agree to Show Up for Court

It’s easy to qualify for a bail bond. All that’s needed of the defendant is his signature on the dotted line that’s an agreement that he’ll show up for each court date and on time. If the defendant fails to show up for court, he will be responsible for the full amount of money owed to the court and will wind up in jail.

Most Get Them Get Out Right Away

They’re easy to locate and often get the defendant out of jail right away. All they have to do is fax documents and send money to the court. This gets the defendant out of trouble on time to show up for work and fulfill other duties that may be needed the next day. It’s possible for a loved one to get the defendant out within hours of contacting the bail bondsmen. Of course, the loved one will be expected to fill out paperwork for the defendant. The defendant will also be expected to show up the next day to fill out even more paperwork.

They Work with Almost Anyone

If the defendant’s skipped out on bail too many times, it may be difficult to find a bail bondsman who trusts them enough to help them out of the situation they’re in. For most, finding a bail bondsman is easy to do. They reject almost no one. As long as the defendant has a bail, a bail bondsman will be able to pay it. All that’s needed is 10% of the cost.

There’s Almost No Downside

They may have some rules that need to be followed. The defendant might be expected to check in with them every so often to make sure they’re still in the area and awaiting trial. Besides that, there’s almost no downside to working with a bail bondsman.