The Advantages Of Using A Bail Bondsman

It goes without saying that no one wants to land up behind bars, however, it is something that, however regrettable, ends up happening to many people. Once you are in jail you do not want to remain there for any length of time. It is an unpleasant environment and your life will suffer increasing disruption until you are released pending your trial. In order to be released, you will have to pay the appropriate bond – however, many people do not have that sort of ready cash available. Fortunately, there is an alternative – the services of a bail bondsman.

Here are some other excellent reasons why the services of a bail bondsman are essential.

1. Speedy Solution

The services of a bail bondsman mean that the entire bail application process is speedily and professionally handled, including the sometimes complex paperwork involved. No one wants to spend time behind bars and by using a bail bondsman you will be released quickly. This will also give you as much time as possible to engage with your attorneys in a more comfortable environment so that your case will receive proper attention.

2. Familiarity with Process

It is essential that your bail be handled by a professional who is familiar with the legal requirements of posting bail. They will also be with the client every step of the way – and will make sure that the bail processing is efficient – ensuring that the accused is back with their family as soon as possible.

3. Cost Effective

Bail bondsmen usually charge a two percent fee in order to allow the client to have access to the cash that they need in order to get out from behind bars as quickly as possible. Without the bail bondsman, the portion of the total bail that is required will be 10%. Add the fact that a bail bondsman can help the accused deal with a complex situation that is both enormously stressful and confusing. Not only will you be able to get the bail processed as soon as possible, but that will allow you to avoid the stress of having to raise the required amount from family and friends – usually the only option that will be available after-hours.

4. Ensures Attendance

It will be a comfort to members of the family and close friends of the accused to know that the bail bondsman has an interest in ensuring that the accused attends all hearings that are required during the judicial process. They have a stake in the proceedings – they are putting their own money up to post bail. Should the defendant not attend all hearings there is the possibility that the bail bondsman will lose their investment in the client.

There is an old saying that time is money – but when you are arrested and in jail, time is not only money, but it is also in short supply. You need to be released as quickly as possible so that you can touch base with family and friends – and prepare your defense as quickly as possible. Using a bail bondsman simply makes sense.